Vape Crew Newtown, Wellington – Temporarily Closed

Newtown, Wellington

The capital of New Zealand is located on the south-west tip on the North Island. Wellington is a metropolitan area that has all the bells and whistles of being a cool and creative city. Walking around the city you will see many of the old settlement and government buildings. Drop your plans and enjoy coffee or a craft beer. Wellington is the home of casual dining, night markets and food trucks.


On the main road of Riddiford Street in Newtown, it is easy to spot Vape Crew Wellington. Powered by the cafes near by we offer you a wide range of vaping flavours ranging from our popular fruits to our aromatic tobaccos. Whether you are into the latest sleek look or want something different to other vapers – we have the latest vaping products and accessories to give you the best experience. Our team are experts who can guide you, so come in or chat to us.


How to get to Vape Crew Wellington?


We are located in the heart of Wellington. If you are lucky there is parking out in front. Look out for the 3-story building with A.D. 1907 in big text. If not, there is street parking on Rintoul St or Emmett St.

The closest carpark is Wilson Street (one way) which is just off Riddiford Street.



The best stop to jump off the bus is Riddiford Street at Newtown Shops. The buses available are 3, 12, 18e, 23, 23e, 23z, 29, 29e and N1.

There is also a bus stop on Rintoul Street at Newtown Shops for bus number 1.