Jam Monster

Jam Monster is created in the Monster Vape Labs. They manufacture premium e-liquids are dreamt in one of the most technological advanced facilities. Their unique mix of hip hop music in a clean lab must be their secret in creating jam flavours for every day.

The blackberry jam has a strong initial burst of freshly picked blackberry which quickly is mellowed out by the slowly cured butter. It is finished off with a thinly sliced bread which is toasted to perfection.

A balloon of blueberries crushed into a jam. An all-day breakfast favourite – toast with blueberry and butter spread.

Jam Monster’s Raspberry is perfect for a sweet yet slight tartness undertone. A tone lower of sweetness compared to strawberry. Vape each raspberry on each finger.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the field of strawberries. Jam Monster Strawberry will transport you to a field of ripe strawberries with full body sweetness matched with butter and toast.

Climb Mount Everest on a rope made of fresh strawberries, crispy apples and watermelon with Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple. Then ski down the slopes with crisp air filled with freshly picked mint leaves.

You can puff the delicious Jam Monster premium vape juices all day long. Stock up on each of the different flavours and get free shipping with orders over $100.

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