Illicit Vapes

Illicit Vapes offers you bold flavours for you to vape to cloud 9. Just like their illustrations, Illicit has dedicated themselves to the finest attention to detail for their range of vape e liquid.  You will be transported to a summary hot beach with a cool fruit drink.

Mr Tea will punch you in the face with freshly crushed iced peach and young strawberry tea. You’ll pity the fool who has not tried this energetic tea.

Hike the raspberry forest in custard shoes. The creamy custard smooths out any kinks in the road and the raspberry just gives the hit of zest. This vape flavour is a must for dessert lovers.

Purple Drank is just that, a bold bond between ripe blueberry and freshly picked grape. This full body yet bubbly taste will have you hanging off the vine.

Level up with Illicit’s Mixed Berries. The combination of wild berries will have you running through the maze to save your beloved.

Bust Tropical Melon out of jail. Iced watermelon sprinkled with fruit dust will have you splashing the cash at your local.

Winter is always coming with Illicit’s Menthol Blast. You will be creating white walking clouds with each puff.

Collect the entire series of artwork and enjoy the refreshing and bold tastes Illicit Vapes offer. Get fast shipping to New Zealand, Australia, Asia, UK, Canada and USA.

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