Charlies Chalk Dust

Founded in 2014 in southern California by brothers Brandon and Ryan Stump, Charlie’s Chalk Dust produces high quality vapor products currently distributed in over 90 countries around the world. Mixology Vape only stock the most popular brand Pacha Mama made in USA Pachamama.  This authentic brand gives you a punch of refreshing fruit flavour. There is a range of vape juice and salts make you feel like you are in a tornado of flavour. Below are handpicked favourites from their range.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Vape Juices Range – Pacha Mama

  • Exploding tangy blood orange with hints of fresh baba and wild gooseberries will give you a complex and refreshing vapor
  • Sharp and crisp apple features Fuji apples with plump strawberries glued together with nectarine will have you crunching for more
  • Tickle your buds with fresh huckleberry and pear tied together elegantly with a sweet and slightly tarty acai berry
  • Juicy pineapple layered with mouth watering mango is perfectly finished with a twist of pitaya
  • Get a zing with passion fruit mix with raspberry. The samurai finish with yuzu lifts the freshness to a new level
  • Get mellow yet full body tastes with peach slices and young papaya delicately whisked with coconut cream
  • Like sitting on a tropical island, the combination of ripe strawberries, exotic jackfruit and guava takes you to clear waters
  • Slices of sweet honeydew melons mix with berries and kiwis are delicately matched with young mint leaf gives you a refreshing fruit salad

Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s vape e liquid and salts Pacha Mama range provide explosions of fruit. Matched with years of refinement in their craft Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a must for premium juicy vapors. Order now to get fast shipping from New Zealand, Australia, Asia, UK, Canada and USA.

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