Nicotine Salt Flavours

Due to Nicotine restrictions in Australia you will need to be directed to our New Zealand site

Salt Nicotine Vape Juices E-Liquids Flavoured E-Juices.

This page is purely for those looking for a tasty, sweet flavour with a smooth nicotine hit. If you are looking for e-juice without nicotine please visit our other flavour pages. In this page we got some of the most interesting salt flavours you can find. From a delicious blackberry crumble to a sharp icy mango, you can find any number of varieties in salt flavour. All these flavours will come in a 30mg variety, but many with the option of nicotine strength. So, come get your tasty nicotine salt flavours with Mixology Vape NZ.

Please be sure to check out each product description before purchasing them. Each product may contain a specific style of vaping for example MTL or pod use. You can be guaranteed that each salt flavour is hand mixed and pre-steeped in our state of the arm ISO manufacturing facility. This guarantees a consistent flavour and tested taste no matter where you are in the world. Be sure to get the best tasting nicotine salt flavours from Mixology Vape today.

Are you unable to find a suitable taste? Find the salt flavour you want. Come and talk to one of our friendly staff members, whether it be on the phone, online or in person. With our wide range of knowledge and our easy-sort system, we can find something that will stand out for you and your taste buds. Click through now to our contact page, or just click on the messenger icon on the bottom right to get started.