Salt Nicotine

Due to Nicotine restrictions in Australia you will need to be directed to our New Zealand site


Smooth concentrated vapes.  If that is what you are looking for, you are in the right place. Salt Nicotine is the closest you will get to smoking a cigarette but in a vape. Nic salts allows you to get higher nicotine hits without the harshness to the throat.  It is no wonder that unflavoured salt nicotine is popular with advanced vape mixologists.  If you are looking for something that is ready to go, check out our pre-mixed flavoured nicotine salts from our New Zealand Site.


Unflavoured salt nicotine is perfect if you already have an off the market personalised flavour and want the higher concentration of nicotine.  There is a better vaping experience overall due to the smoothness that salt nic brings. Mixology Vape allows you to unlock the full spectrum of flavour and taste.


Discrete hits without the huge clouds. Nicotine salts are what you have been looking for. You will most likely use less e-liquids due to getting higher concentration. Salts last longer as it does not oxidize as fast. Get your 100mg of unflavoured Salt Nicotine from our New Zealand site today. Create your own vape heaven.